4 Tricks for Making Makeup Last Longer if You Have Oily Skin

Spend lots of time on your makeup game, only to have it melt off after a few hours? Fear not. Oily skin is no match for these great tips. Make your look last all day!


1) Powder Under Foundation

One of our favorite makeup artists is Wayne Goss because he’s brilliant, approachable, hilarious, and full of amazing makeup hacks. Plus, he uses a combination of high-end and drugstore products, making his looks easy to achieve on any budget.

Bollywood inspired Diamond Ring trends

Whoever feels that love is priceless, can spend millions on their special one.  Bollywood celebrities are famous for their love for diamonds and everything glittering.They are well-known to be lavishly extravagant when it comes to admitting their emotions to their beloveds’. Here is a ‘jhalak’ at some of the Bollywood celebrities and their glitzy rings.

Why Bra Fit is So Important in Women’s Fashion

Why Bra Fit is So Important in Women’s Fashion

There are a lot of aspects that people deem essential in women’s fashion. Many people say things like, “every woman needs a little black dress,” or, “every woman needs to wear heels to work.” These might be good pieces of advice for some women, but they are not always right for every woman. However, there are some fashion rules that every woman needs to follow. One of those rules is finding a bra that fits perfectly.

Leather and Lace Style Ideas for Summer

It’s the perfect combination of naughty and nice, sweet and tough, sophisticated and sassy. The leather and lace combo swept across the fashion scene in the 80s and has no intentions of leaving any time soon. Especially in the summertime, we all love showing off all the different aspects of our personalities with daring fashion choices.

Leather and lace, however, can be a difficult look to pull off if you are not careful. Be mindful of the combinations you make to be sure that your look will be a show stopper. Here are some leather and lace style ideas for summer.

3 Tips and Tricks to Dress Stylishly for Events without Breaking Your Bank

What do you do when you have a big event like a prom coming up? I am pretty sure that you head to the nearest store, take your pick from the best dresses, pay the bill and wear it with great flamboyance. This is the most common step taken for dressing to the nines at various events.

But what happens when there are many events in a row? Wearing the same dress back-to-back to the events is no less than a cardinal sin in the fashion world and buying new outfits for various events in a short gap will burn a considerable hole in your pocket! If you too think that you cannot appear fashion forward without breaking your bank for different occasions, then here are some points that you definitely need to go through.

Celebrities Who Rock the Casual Look

Celebrities have to look good at all times. It is the first and the most important rule of being in the showbiz. Call it an occupational hazard, but if a celeb is unable to razzle and dazzle the audience, chances are their fans will start worshipping other celebs who can do so. You cannot, however, expect them to be dressed to kill all the time, can you?

Clearly, there is more to our beautiful celebrities than meets the eye. Some are naturally ravishing, while others have an irresistibly charismatic persona.