Top wedding fashion trends of 2016

Brides this year have a lot to look forward to in wedding fashion. The runways around the world introduced creative and unique trends for 2016, as both fresh fashion entries and interesting updates to classics took center-stage. Best for Bride, the leading wedding dress boutique in Canada, brings you this snapshot of the top trends in wedding fashion this year.

Subtle Contouring – The new Makeup trend

If you’re a makeup afficionado, you’ve got to learn all the tips and tricks of the trade. With the rise of Instagram, Youtube, and the selfie, more people than ever are gleaning how to apply makeup like the pros with new techniques. One of these new trends is contouring, a technique of applying makeup to illuminate facial features.

The Best Bags of 2015

A woman can never have too many bags and 2015 proved this all too well with bags of all designs, shapes, sizes and colors. While there was a lot happening in the world of fashion, designers never went short on impressing us with their gorgeous bag collections throughout the year. Apart, from high end fashion brands, celebrities and other store did quite well in setting a stage for their own best in bags.

Transition your Summer Fashion Basics into the Winter season

Winter will be here before you know it, and for some people that means bringing out the winter garb and officially putting away the summer gear. This task can be daunting, both because it is time consuming and because it can be hard to say goodbye to your favorite dresses, cami’s, skirts, and t-shirts. The good news is, you can go ahead and skip the closet conversion all together!

Staying Fit and Look Fabulous for the Winter Fashion

Do you think about your body shape when hitting the gym or going clothing shopping? No? Then you’re missing out on looking your best! Read on to discover the best style and fitness tips for your body shape.

New York Fashion Week Spring 2016: Fashion Tips From The Street Style

The New York Fashion Week for Spring 2016, ready to wear is giving us all some major fashion inspirations. So far, every show has successfully won our hearts and has made quite an impression on the world of fashion. As always, it isn’t just the runways making it to the trends for spring 2016 but the street styles have been quite pleasing for fashion lovers, so far.

The thing about runways is that they are the trends that we will be expecting in no sooner than spring next year, but the street styles are something we can take inspiration from, now. The best thing is they are more wearable than the clothes and fashion presented on runways. Taking a look at this year’s street style, we’ve gathered a few fashion tips for you to bring some trendy sartorial changes to your style.